100In1Day is a platform for action – where citizens, residents, neighbours, communities and organizations (aka: you!) are the catalyst for change. 100In1Day invites individuals and organizations to showcase active citizenship, and encourages distributed leadership.

In order to remain inclusive, projects must have free Participation. A 100In1Day action is a people-powered act in which no fees or charges are to be collected, nor should an action be tied to commercially-driven activities.

As Project Leaders and participants, you should assume responsibility for the Action, including the costs of setting it up.  100in1Day encourages you to create projects that are low cost (or even no cost), but often some funds are needed for materials or permits.  Here are some ideas to help access funding for your project:

Host a local fundraiser

  • Get local media involved
  • Talk to community leaders and get a formal endorsement
  • Use social media to help spread the word.

Find local Sponsors

  • Local business owners can be a great source of support for community actions, for both monetary and material donations
  • Before approaching any business, do your research
  • Be clear and transparent on how the funds will be used and how donors will benefit
  • Write a formal letter asking for support
  • Follow up with all your donors and attendees after your action/project to thank them and give them an update on your project – good relationships are key

Start a crowd-funding campaign

While 100in1Day is not affiliated with any crowd-funding platforms, websites like Patronicity specifically look for initiatives that create better communities.  If you opt to run a crowdfunding campaign, tell us about your experience!

Apply for a grant

100In1Day does not provide any grants directly, but the City of Burlington does provide funding for community projects. For individuals, your idea might qualify under one of the Burlington Community Support Funding Programs. Recent opportunities include:

  • Community Matching Fund
  • Arts and Culture Fund
  • Play Streets Program

We’ve also seen potential funding opportunities through organizations like Park People and Participaction. Check their websites to see if any grants are currently taking applications.

If you are working with a non-profit or charity, you may qualify for other grants. Opportunities may be based on the type of event you are organizing. You may find granting agencies for environmental projects, health & fitness, or arts & culture projects.