We’re gearing up again this year for another day of fun activities that can spark joy for residents of Burlington. This year, we’re centralizing all 100in1Day activities and inviting the community to set up their own activity in Central Park (2299 New St.) between 1:00-3:00pm on Saturday, June 3, 2023.

Why are we changing things up this year?

Bringing everything together in on location gives community members an opportunity to experience more of what 100in1Day has to offer, all in one spot. This activity hub will have something for everyone happening all in one place.

The spirit of 100in1Day is still in full force. You are invited to do one thing to make your community better. Ideas might include a seed swap, yoga in the park, art installation, or even a baseball game. Central Park has lots of space and includes an amphitheatre, sports fields, community gardens, a playground, and open space for any idea!

What if I want to become an “intervention leader” and set up an activity?

Great! We encourage you to create an idea that can take place in or around Central Park. Using our central activity hub will give your idea a wider audience. Residents will be invited to the park between 1:00-3:00pm to participate in as many activities as they want. Register your idea on our website and we will add information to our map and schedule so the community knows everything that is taking place in the park on June 3rd.

If you require access to specific park amenities, please specify on your registration form. We will work with all intervention leaders to coordinate the schedule and use of space to ensure there is no overlap.

If you prefer to host an activity elsewhere in the city, we will still add it to our website and map and encourage the community to participate.

How do I learn about what is taking place on June 3rd?

Visit our 2023 Interventions page to see a list of all of the activities scheduled for June 3rd. All activities at Central Park will take place between 1:00-3:00pm so you can head down to the park and participate in as many as possible!

Central Park is served by Burlington Transit routes 3, 4, and 10. Visit the Burlington Transit My Ride application to find the best routes for you. Or hop on the Centennial Bikeway and a quick jaunt up Seneca Ave. to get their on foot, bike or other rolling activity!

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