Looking for a place to start? We’ve compiled a list of 100 ideas that you could try for 100in1Day Burlington. Some are easy and inexpensive, and others may require a bit more planning and sourcing of materials. Click on the links to see photos or more information. We hope this list might also spark some other ideas that you can try for 100in1Day. If you have another idea, let us know in the comments below, or on social media. Be sure to register your activity, installation, or event for 100in1Day this year!

  1. Have a street party
  2. Hold a community picnic
  3. Create a DIY bike lane
  4. Host a bike tour of your favourite parts of the city
  5. Play a concert in the park
  6. Yoga in the park
  7. Set up an art show
  8. Teach a skill
  9. Give out flowers to strangers
  10. Hold a seed or plant swap
  11. Give people compliments
  12. Create a conversation bench and meet a new friend
  13. Set up an obstacle course for local dogs
  14. Set up a puppy kissing booth
  15. Hold a dog parade
  16. Organize a flash mob
  17. Have fun with sidewalk chalk
  18. Plant a tree
  19. Hold a community clean-up
  20. Blow bubbles!
  21. Make a scavenger hunt
  22. Paint a mural
  23. Plant a garden
  24. Make a Little Free Library
  25. Make the longest game of hopscotch
  26. Set up a street patio
  27. Find some stairs to write inspiring messages on
  28. Make a bus shelter more inviting
  29. Hold a brainstorming session asking your neighbours what they want to make Burlington better
  30. Organize an evening “glow ride” for cyclists
  31. Hold a double dutch skipping party
  32. Raise awareness about an issue important to you
  33. Paint a crosswalk
  34. Put on a play
  35. Screen a movie in your front yard
  36. Have a tournament with your favourite board game
  37. Collect donations for the food bank
  38. Upcycle some trash into art
  39. Make sand sculptures
  40. Have a dance party
  41. Set up a community piano
  42. Make a life sized game of Monopoly around your block
  43. Make a life-sized game of Scrabble
  44. Make a life-sized game of Guess Who?
  45. Collect stories about people from your neighbourhood
  46. Give out “positive tickets” to people you see walking, biking or taking transit
  47. Depave paradise (turn pavement into green space)
  48. Paint a yellow fish road to raise awareness about keeping our waterways clean
  49. Have a pool party in the street
  50. Make a public guitar
  51. Put a mobile garden in a spot you think needs more green space
  52. Leave positive messages for others
  53. Add some colour
  54. Open yourself up to new conversations
  55. Give people a place to sit
  56. Help people share their wish through art
  57. Set up a listening booth
  58. Create a welcome sign for your neighbourhood
  59. Make a pop-up playground
  60. Give directions to your favourite places with wayfinding signs
  61. Set up the longest table community dinner
  62. Be a tour guide for your neighbourhood
  63. Set up a skill swap database for people on your street
  64. Make a bench more comfortable
  65. Make some yarn art
  66. Turn a parking spot into a park
  67. Do some guerrilla gardening
  68. Add googly eyes
  69. Get curious and ask questions about our city
  70. Set up a repair cafe
  71. Make a map of public washrooms
  72. Turn a sidewalk into a timeline
  73. Make a movie about your neighbourhood
  74. Turn a fence into art
  75. Transform the sidewalk into a dance floor
  76. Give people a platform to say something nice
  77. Be a forensic friends artist and draw a sketch as they describe a person they love
  78. Take a vote
  79. Conduct a neighbourhood safety audit
  80. Hold a support group
  81. Give out welcome kits to your newest neighbours
  82. Break a Guinness World Record
  83. Put up some window art
  84. Hold a colouring contest
  85. Make a fairy garden
  86. Host a game of trivia
  87. Make an environmental statement
  88. Create your own mini-golf course
  89. Set up an envelope exchange for people to take and leave a compliment
  90. Make an umbrella sky
  91. Add light to a dark path and invite your neighbours to take a walk with you
  92. Collect wishes on a wish tree
  93. Make a high five counter!
  94. Turn the sidewalk in front of your house into a Silly Walk spot
  95. Make a Wheel of Niceness
  96. Create art that is visible from the sky
  97. Go plogging (picking up litter while jogging)
  98. Organize a clothing swap
  99. Hand out name tags and ask people to wear them for the day
  100. Just say hello to everyone you see!

Happy Brainstorming!

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