100in1Day Burlington was back for its second year in 2019! On June 1st, community members across the city made their idea of a better Burlington come to life. All together, 34 activities took place that brought people together for the day. 100in1Day Burlington was brought to life by some residents, with support from the City of Burlington Parks and Recreation department, the Burlington Public Library, and the YMCA.

Here are some of the highlights of what happened on June 1, 2019:

Yellow Fish Road

The Burlington Sustainable Development Committee created the Yellow Fish Road in the Palmer neighbourhood. Participants marked local storm drains with yellow fish symbols and distributed educational door hangers to homes to educate the public about the importance of pollution entering our storm drains and how storm water pollution can harm fish, wildlife and reduce water quality.

Doggy Obstacle Course

The new hydro path in the Maple neighbourhood is a hub for dog walkers. A group of them decided to set up a doggy obstacle course and invite others to meet each other and have some fun!

No ifs and Butts about our Beach

A group of residents have been dedicated to picking up cigarette butts from the beach strip. They launched a new cigarette butt recycling unit program for 100in1Day Burlington, and this program is now up and running for the long-term!

Family Yoga in the Park

A free outdoor family yoga session took place in Wellington Park. People came out to enjoy the fresh air and relaxation for the afternoon.

Click here to see a list of all 34 actions that took place on June 1, 2019

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