100in1Day encourages you to “intervene” with your city to make an improvement, even if it is just for one day.  Take a problem, and show the City of Burlington how to fix it.  Maybe that problem is that you don’t know your neighbours, or you don’t have a place to grow fresh food, or maybe you just want to add some more creativity to the city.

An urban intervention is an activity, project or installation that temporarily improves a public space and demonstrates how a community might achieve more lasting positive change.  It may be led by an individual, community group, or an organization.

Projects can be practical, like planting trees or pop-up street furniture.  They can be social, like hosting a block party.  They can be artistic, like flash mobs or yarn bombing.  They can challenge us or fix a problem.  They can be as big or small as you want. All projects must be safe, legal and inclusive.

A successful urban intervention may contain any or all of the following elements

  • Most importantly, it should be FUN!  Keep it creative and light, think about what will make people smile when they see it.
  • It makes people think differently about public space.  Bring an empty space to life!
  • It brings people together.  Find ways for people to meet others in their community and make lasting connections.
  • It makes something more beautiful.  Whether it is through art or a community cleanup, an urban intervention can transform a park or neighbourhood.

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